Mark Meyers was born and raised under the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains in Northern Utah and spent many childhood days climbing, exploring, and causing general mayhem on the mountainside. Thanks largely to his brothers he learned early on about the finer things in life like the sound of breaking glass, the freedom of running around in your underwear, and the feel of rushing wind on your face as you fall out of a tree.

A life long doodler, Mark studied illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he earned a Bachelor degree in Illustration. He is the illustrator of David A. Kelly’s twenty-plus-book BALLPARK MYSTERIES series, and his days are spent drawing and painting pictures filled with kids, escaping circus monkeys, and everything in between. 

When he doesn’t have a pencil in his hand he loves working on his 1927 Model T hotrod, riding cement waves on his skateboard, and spending as much times in the wild with his family as he can.  He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife, Margie and daughter, Zola.